Little Feet Little Faces Preschool is a vision that was evolved through 42 years and 11 locations of family run and operated Child Care Centers. All of our Preschools are fully licensed by the Ministry of Education. We take great pride in exceeding the Ministry requirements, excelling in providing high quality care while meeting every need of children and their families, with special loving care.


At Little Feet Little Faces we believe that children are naturally creative, inquisitive and have amazing ideas to share with the world. Our Program allows your children to be heard, enabling them to bring their visions and ideas to life! By providing children with this rare opportunity at LFLF, Parents will allow their child to reach their full potential at Preschool and develop their sense of self, self-confidence and self-esteem.


Our Preschool offers a warm and enriching environment which is the foundation on which our children meet theirhighest potential and are able to grow socially, emotionally and intellectually. Our role as teachers is to recognise each child’s ambitions and strive to help them achieve their goals. Using qualified and experienced staff, that will guide our children through these areas of artistic study, LFLF children will explore curriculum expectations in a creative and imaginative manner. The encouragement of parent participation is extremely important to us and is always welcomed at our Preschool. This aligns with the Ministry of Education’s pedagogical documents entitled:

“How Does Learning Happen?: Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years”.

This document is available on the Ministry of Education’s website.


Our Preschool is a place where children receive a caring, stimulating and Academic/Artistic Preschool experience, which is integrated with the history and traditions of a large spectrum of the artistic world. By never undermining the values of respect and responsibility, we promote a strong foundation in a positive and encouraging manner for the future of our youth. We encourage children to take ownership of their ideas by imagining and creating. This helps to promote self esteem, independence and self worth. Our Teachers focus on planning and implementing a developmentally appropriate program, which is informed by both the “How Does Learning Happen?: Ontario Pedagogy for the Early Years” document & the “Early Learning for Every Child Today (ELECT)” which focus on teaching the ‘whole child'. Each child’s individual abilities in all developmental areas are assessed and continually observed to ensure they are being taught at the level that is developmentally appropriate for them. Our staff model positive behaviour and social skills in the classroom and focus on giving children the tools to be able to negotiate, enter group play situations, use their words to express their needs and feelings while learning to be empathetic and caring individuals.



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