During Summer Camp  Little Feet Little Faces takes full advantage of the wonderful weather and spends as much time outside as we can!

Mini Pre K/Pre K & JK/SK
Our Playground space allows our little ones access to water play, sand play and creative play. Children may use the outdoor toys; balls, carts, hula hoops, big blocks, trucks, basketball hoops, mini play house, outdoor kitchen and garden to play while exploring this secure space. Our little ones may even practice their gross motor skills by using the space to run, jump, hop, skip and move around with their friends under the sprinkler on a warm Summer day! Our playground is shaded by a shade canopy that keeps the children safe from the sun and water is always available to hydrate our little bodies.


Our Playground Space includes Ministry approved soft fall flooring so the children are safe just in case they have a tumble. Every corner in the Playground is easily accessible and in plain view for the Teaching Staff to supervise the children at all times. LFLF Teaching Staff are always engaged with the children in planned fun activities during the time spent outside. We also create obstacle courses and imaginative games using our mini play house and encourage the children to help us look after the Summer garden.The children all look forward to eating their snacks outside during picnics whenever the weather permits.


We are very fortunate to have a wonderful large park next to the School which is located adjacent to a very quiet, low traffic cul-de-sac street. We take the JK/SK children to the park using our lower level, rear exit through our playground which is far away from the traffic. The park allows us to engage in a wide variety of activities and games, such as sitting under a tree while sketching and colouring. Sometimes we like to do a painting class or even be inspired by a literacy class while listening to the sounds of nature.


We do scavenger hunts, observational drawings, mini Olympics, running games, small group games, hide and seek and sometimes we even make up some silly games that take our imaginations on wonderful adventures. All of the children attending the activities in the park are supervised by qualified RECE Teachers. We ensure that the children are given clear boundaries for play spaces and that Teachers are positioned around the children to create a corral effectwhile keeping a continuous head count at all times.


At Little Feet Little Faces our aim is to have the children outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and freedom while letting our bodies move in the open space.We even sometimes conduct our lessons outside by reading a story under the shade of a big tree or choreograph a dance in the open green space.


The possibilities are endless and the children's imaginations can lead us anywhere!