If you answered yes then our French Class is for you!
At Little Feet Little Faces Preschool we offer a French Class that has been specially designed for our little ones.

Our French curriculum gives children the opportunity to be immersed in the French Language and Culturee through a focused and structured class, as well as intertwining dual language instruction in our artistic subjects. This curriculum focuses on using play based teaching methods, combined with structured planning and explicit teaching to give children the best opportunity for learning.

During Academic times at our Preschool we utilise our Academic classes (Language, Math & Science) to give children the chance to learn and experiment with French. They will learn French songs and will intertwine musical concepts and theory into their learning. They will focus on learning the days of the week, their friend’s names, seasons, weather, phonics and the beginning process of numeracy. They will explore these concepts by using hands on materials all while learning through play based approaches. They will then use their knowledge to complete focused academic activities such as spelling, guided reading and knowledge representations.

In our Artistic classes (Music, Theatre, Dance & Visual Art) the children will receive dual instruction. This gives them an opportunity to be immersed in learning the French Language as well as using it in practice and giving it a real life context of meaning. We will be counting to 8 in our Dance Classes in French and using words like sauté to jump! In our Visual Art class, we will learn the words for painting, for up and down when we move our brush and learn how to ask for different colours of paint. In Theatre, we will use the Puppets to greet each other in French and use the nouns we have learnt to express our feelings. In Music, we will sing Bonjour Mes Amis to each other and learn our nouns and adjectives.

Give your child the chance to get a head start in their Language learning. This will prepare your child for a great foundation for French Immersion in Elementary and give them the skills to come home and converse with Mom and Dad.






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